A New Realm.

The land arose from the ether.Rumbling ground burst into mountain peaks and the lakes gushed, overfilling their banks to cascade into rivers and streams. From the mind of the founder came this wonderous land, and populated it with all manner of creature and plant. Soon beings came from afar and chose to call the place home, carving out a niche for themselves among the landscape.A mystical Goddess and her court, gatherings of artists and minstrels, historical and political orators, a vast underground network of humor populated with freakish creatures, and a guy who just likes to blow things up.Be yourself. Discuss your fancy. Meet new people. Share your art. Create a persona and role play.This is AlchemyX.


•The AX Minecraft server is compatable with the latest 1.7.3 update. No issues have been reported at this time, however be on the lookout.
•Please checkout out MC Server News thread for the lastest info.
•The AX Minecraft server is exclusive to AX members only. If you get a message that says you're not whitelisted or a member, please restart your game and try again. This usually solves the problem.
•The server status indicator on the board's scrolling menubar is updated every five minutes. Keep this in mind when you're asking yourself; "The server is supposed to be online, but it says it's offline!"
~Latest server additions:
•Inception: allows for a layered world. Dig down too far you end up in the Nether, go up to high you end up in a sky world.
•Multiverse: is there life beyond Ax?
•Portal guns: Just like in the Portal game. Fun.
•Regen: players will NOT regenerate their full health after taking damage. A small amount of health will be returned via sleep, additionally if a player's health falls below three hearts, health will regen only to the point of three hearts. Food still works as normal.
•Portcullis: allows for making gates that raise and lower. Uses redstone. Can you figure it out?
•There are also some new surprises in store!